Pain with External Rotation of Shoulder - Effective Treatment Methods

Dec 10, 2023


Welcome to IAOM-US, your trusted source for health, chiropractic, and physical therapy services. In this article, we will explore in great detail the common issue of pain with external rotation of the shoulder and discuss effective treatment methods. If you are experiencing this discomfort, don't worry! Our team of highly skilled professionals is here to help you regain your shoulder's full range of motion and alleviate pain.

About Pain with External Rotation of Shoulder

Pain with external rotation of the shoulder refers to the discomfort experienced when the shoulder joint is moved away from the body. This condition can be caused by various factors, including injuries, overuse, muscle imbalances, or underlying medical conditions. If left untreated, it can significantly impact your daily activities and quality of life.

Symptoms and Diagnosis

Identifying the symptoms of pain with external rotation of the shoulder is essential for an accurate diagnosis. Common signs may include:

  • Shoulder pain during external rotation
  • Weakness in the affected shoulder
  • Limited range of motion
  • Difficulty performing specific movements

To determine the precise cause of your shoulder pain, consult our experienced chiropractors or physical therapists. Through a thorough examination and medical history assessment, they will provide a precise diagnosis and develop a personalized treatment plan for your unique needs.

Treatment Options

At IAOM-US, we offer a range of effective treatment options to address pain with external rotation of the shoulder. Your individualized treatment plan may include:

Chiropractic Care

Our skilled chiropractors utilize various techniques to correct joint misalignments and optimize your shoulder's functionality. Manual adjustments, mobilizations, and soft tissue therapies may be employed to relieve pain and rehabilitate the affected area.

Physical Therapy

Our experienced physical therapists will guide you through targeted exercises and rehabilitation programs to strengthen the surrounding muscles, enhance flexibility, and restore your shoulder's range of motion. They may also incorporate modalities like ultrasound therapy, heat/cold therapy, and electrical stimulation to promote healing and pain relief.

Complementary Modalities

In addition to chiropractic care and physical therapy, our team may recommend complementary modalities like acupuncture, massage therapy, or cupping to further enhance your healing process. These modalities can address underlying muscle imbalances, reduce inflammation, and promote overall well-being.

Prevention and Self-Care

Prevention is always better than cure. To minimize the risk of developing pain with external rotation of the shoulder or managing its recurrence, it is important to adopt self-care practices and lifestyle modifications. Here are some helpful tips:

  1. Incorporate shoulder stretches and exercises into your regular workout routine to promote strength and flexibility.
  2. Maintain proper posture throughout the day, especially when sitting for extended periods.
  3. Avoid overusing or straining your shoulder joint during activities or sports. Take regular breaks and listen to your body's signals.
  4. Ensure proper ergonomics in your workplace or home environment, especially if your job involves repetitive shoulder movements.
  5. Consider regular chiropractic check-ups to address any potential issues before they become severe.


Don't let pain with external rotation of the shoulder limit your daily activities or cause unnecessary discomfort. Here at IAOM-US, our skilled professionals in chiropractic and physical therapy are dedicated to helping you find relief and regain optimal shoulder function. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards a healthier and pain-free life.